Technology of the drive system - 2 variants

The electromagnetic thrusters used by the TRITON spacecraft (based on high-energy plasma flows and described by MHD processes) form the heart of the whole ship.
The physics of construction, development, and building of high-performance PLASMA THRUSTERS is currently based completely on well-known technologies. Necessary for this is an optimized system technology and a required design in a not yet existing dimensionality.
In the following, you will find the complete basics and technical facts that perfectly demonstrate the POSSIBILITY to develop, design and ultimately build such imposing drive concepts (engine size approx. 30m) to reach the extreme limits of our solar system.

Our description of the engine technology and the evidence to achieve the required and thus necessary high jet speeds is shown in the construction of 2 VARIANTS, the

  1. MHD considerations (physical aspect of the drive system)
    and the
  2. Current profiles, in the context of the equation of motion of the plasma flow
    (technical aspect of the drive system)


Magneto-hydrodynamic flow - MHD

The NAVIER-STOKES equations together with the energy law and the field equations form the mathematical/ physical basis for the description of the flow field. Through segmented electrodes in the acceleration channel (elimination of the HALL current), strong electric fields are applied. An external magnetic field is perpendicular to the flow plane.

This results in a high flow velocity of the plasma stream.


Capacitor Bank – Discharge

The max. Voltage U0 applied to the capacity C leads to an enormous current I (t) in case of a short circuit of the capacitors parallel to each other, which leads to the high acceleration of the plasma stream.

The current I(t) (RLC circuit) fed into the engine through the capacitor bank shows a damped, oscillating behavior.


The technological VARIANTS 1) and 2) describe the basics of the physics of the PLASMA THRUSTERS of the TRITON spaceship:

Four high-performance plasma engines with enormous currents in the engine-
plasma channel bring the TRITON-ship to the edge of the solar system


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