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Flying into space is one of the great collective dreams of humanity. Space tourism can contribute to its realization. Above all, the cost of space flights must decrease. However, this requires the development of reliable new technologies and spacecraft vehicles.
What is currently taking place worldwide can NOT be called true space travel and does not deserve this name. Simply sending satellites into the Earth's orbit (for all kinds of experiments) or exchanging crew members aboard the space station ISS is far too little to deserve the name space travel.
MODERN SPACE TRAVEL includes, above all, man-made missions out into the DEPTH of SPACE; to planets, moons, asteroids, such as the manned landing on the red planet Mars, landings on Saturn's moons ENCELADUS and TITAN, orbiting the gas planet Neptune and orbiting fully automated probes. Base stations on the Uranus moon Miranda etc.
This is connected with an evolutionary leap for the entire planet, with the solar system just being the beginning of this development.
The idea of space travel has a tremendous power in it because it challenges us on virtually all fronts of our physical and mental existence. The idea of flying to other celestial bodies most fully reflects the independence and dexterity of the human mind. It holds the highest dignity to the technical and scientific endeavors of man.

Following are the LINKS to the currently large, global space organizations where you will receive FIRST INFORMATION about their respective activities.

Partner - Financing – Cooperation

The tasks of the current worldwide spread space agencies are too wide-ranging, NOT CONCENTRATED and NOT BUNDLED !!
The technological forces for INTERPLANETARY SPACE TRAVEL are to be focused worldwide - like light beams with a burning-glass!
If we do not join any "mainstream propaganda", we can see that there is enough money for projects that will help humanity in its global evolution.

Let's use only a single example, the IRAQ war. As of March 19, 2008, the 5th anniversary of the US's involvement in the war with Iraq. By that time alone, the United States had invested about 500 billion US dollars in this war and every month, 12 billion dollars were added on.
By spring 2011, it reached more than 800 billion US dollars !!! With the money wasted in Afghanistan and Iraq, 5 manned, classic missions to Mars could be carried out, or the TRITON project with all the developments needed could be fully financed.
If you add all the other financial resources on this planet that are uselessly wasted and squandered, a global space industry can be raised easily.
It is time to change the priorities and not to consider war as much better for business and an abstruse agenda.
Therefore, the main point is the cooperation of all SPACE ORGANIZATIONS in this world to start the TRITON PROJECT described here.

 A goal-oriented project dynamic has to be developed, such as at the Apollo moon-landing Project !!

In the foreseeable future, we will win resources in space. Linked to this, the research work can be expanded accordingly, and our planet will not be the only economic basis anymore. The moon will also be part of this strategy, a strategy that will take us farther out into the solar system. A prosperous world economy will be the result.
The idea of space travel knows no state borders, recognizes no differences of historical or ethnic descent, and permeates the fabric of each sociological or political worldview as quickly as that of another.
As a technical concept, astronautics is all-encompassing and more REVOLUTIONARY than anything that man has ever imagined. Space travel has the greatest appeal in today's divided world.

The exploration of the solar system will be
the most important task of humanity.


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