Triton-Project- flight into the solar system

The project

This online presentation is supposed to give the go-ahead to the first global international cooperation, a first “humanity-project”, to the construction of the interplanetary 170m long spaceship TRITON-IV, in order to explore the solar system.

Ein Juwel der Technik - Das Raumschiff Triton
A JEWEL of TECHNOLOGY, a glossy of worldwide systems technology
- Interplanetary spaceship TRITON IV -

The technology

The thereby necessary technology, which is required for interplanetary flight, is flagged up, such as
  • reusable heavy cargo carriers
  • nuclear-thermal gas core engines
  • as well as high-efficiency plasma engines
as the infrastructural foundation for flights to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, to the planet Pluto and even further to the EDGE OF OUR SOLAR SYSTEM. The core elements of the spaceship TRITON are a hybrid propulsion system which consists of a thermonuclear double engine and 4 plasma thrusters.

Triton im Nachtbereich des Planeten Merkur
TRITON on the nighttime side of the planet MERCURY, the glowing area of the solar system.

Interplanetary flight

Nowadays large ships and enormous ocean liners are being constructed, their length reaching 300m and longer. The same way these huge luxury cruisers travel the earthly seas, ocean giants will be constructed for the endless and inconceivable sea of the space, full of secrets.
The spaceship TRITON is the beginning of this development! Humanity on earth will be able to construct manned stations in the near future not only on the planet MARS, but also space stations within the orbit of Jupiter's moon CALLISTO, mine valuable platinum and nickel ore in the asteroid belt, as well as set up base stations on the Saturn's satellite TITAN all the way to Neptune's moon TRITON. The description and the technical formulation of the engine's technology provide the unequivocal proof of their feasibility and the construction of such spaceships on an international level.(Magnet hydro-dynamic acceleration, oscillating discharge of the electric current).
The exploration of space will open up unimaginable opportunities in this century, so completely new branches of industry might spring up. The idea of space travel holds a tremendous power within it, as it challenges people on virtually every frontline of their physical and spiritual existence.


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