TRITON – Interplanetary flight

In the case of the moon landing, an entire nation (the US) had ONE GOAL. Currently, there is no such national or even GLOBAL GOAL. It is our cultural task to plan and carry out manned advances of astronauts of ALL NATIONS into the depths of our solar system. This will turn out to be a global leap in knowledge, a next evolutionary leap for all humanity. It is absolute certainty that the construction of the global, interplanetary spaceship TRITON (as a large international joint project) has a strong technically and economically stimulating effect on Europe, analogous on Russia, the USA, China, etc ..., ie the entire planet EARTH. Space travel will be newborn.

Powerful, plasma-powered spacecraft will bring international astronaut crews to Mars, Saturn-Titan, the Trans-Neptunian Planets and beyond to the edge of the solar system. Knowledge, experience and economic aspects that no one would have even thought possible will arise for the entire HUMANITY.
High-tech robots will assist us in setting up and steering base stations on the celestial bodies. The energy supply for our entire home planet EARTH will be put on an entirely new basis as soon as the isotope He3 on the lunar surface and the Jupiter atmosphere is obtained to represent a most intensive source of energy for future power generation (nuclear fusion).
By then, it will become apparent that the idea of space travel has a tremendous power in itself because it challenges mankind on virtually all fronts of his physical, intellectual and spiritual existence.
Today we build big ships, enormous ocean giants with 300 m length and more. These modern luxury liners are floating cities. As these giants sail the Earth's oceans, we will build ocean giants for the much more gigantic and unimaginable ocean of the universe with its secrets.

The spaceship TRITON is the beginning of this development!

Triton in the Earth's orbit: After successful assembly in Earth orbit
(using the infrastructure of a space station), the departure into the
interplanetary area of the solar system takes place after some
test flights to the Earth's moon (check of all components).

I am convinced that terrestrial mankind will build manned stations in the near future, not only on the planet MARS, but also space stations in an orbit of the Jupiter's moon CALLISTO, mine valuable platinum and nickel ores in the asteroid belt, as well as maintain base stations on the Saturn satellite TITAN, the Neptune Moon TRITON and on the surfaces of the distant planets PLUTO and SEDNA.

Modern spaceships are needed for our interplanetary flights. The spaceship TRITON described here - which got its name from the icy moon of our solar system, the Neptune satellite Triton - is the first one in this chain. The same difficulties with regard to technical problem solving already existed at the beginning of the Apollo program in 1961; they were all solved brilliantly.

TRITON speeds out of the Earth's orbit. The thermo-nuclear
GCNR- thrusts bring the whole spaceship to escape velocity
– overcoming Earth's gravity.


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