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Interplanetary departure

We laid the foundation, the foundation for an interplanetary departure. One of the first great outcomes of these journeys will be reaching the planet Jupiter and its fascinating moons such as Europe, Io, Callisto and Ganymede. The spaceship, as explained in the previous conceptualisation, allows for the construction of first base stations, for example on the moon Callisto, without any major issues. A fascinating first outer-space exploration site for the „conquests“ of earth's humanity.
This planet earth, and with it all of humanity dwelling on it, is gradually progressing in its DEVELOPMENT.
We are thereby also heading towards that goal of launching the first joint and GLOBAL PROJECT. The space station ISS was merely a small step towards it. The evolution of mankind has always meant PROGRESS, since ages ago. We are pioneers regarding the exploration of outer space, and this includes all of mankind. Our society needs the characteristic of pioneering; a clearly defined goal.

Because without a goal today there can be no progress.

For example, such a pioneering spirit was passed onto the entirety of the American people as the US President John F. Kennedy ordered the mission of the MOON LANDING back then.
„We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard …....... That GOAL will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, …. and one we intend to win“
John F. Kennedy, 1962

„I am convinced that there are new worlds to be discovered in outer space and elsewhere, but we must be ready to invest in them.“

The culmination of these efforts would undoubtedly be the fact of stumbling upon unmistakable proofs already within our solar system regarding the existence of extraterrestrial cultures, during out future interplanetary advances. I am firmly convinced about this. Are we going to encounter ruins of an ancient civilization, completely unknown to us, on one of Saturn's moons?

Are we maybe going to find ruins of an ancient alien civilization?

A civilization which has already advanced all the way from remote planets of the galaxy into our solar system thousands of years ago, leaving traces in ancient times
The task of the global humanity's project, sketched in this book for the first time, can, will and should REQUIRE and UNITE all the industrialised states of our planet.
In pursuit of the interplanetary advance into our solar system, Europe's states as well as the USA, Russia, and China etc. bear the entirety of the following subprojects:

  1. heavy cargo carriers
  2. energy sector + electrical power generation
  3. nuclear engines
  4. plasma engines
  5. possibly COULOMB-propulsion
  6. radiation protection
  7. VEGA lander + aerobraking
  8. robots
  9. generation of artificial gravity
  10.  air compressors
  11.  space stations
  12. infrastructure + entire complex of the TRITON spaceship


to initiate, develop and complete successfully!!!! These subprojects have already been described by 12 cited points in the chapter about the project structure of „space management“. These comprehensive projects conceal an enormous and truly GIGANTIC POTENTIAL, which will have a huge influence on the development of Earth's humanity, and cause a tremendous boost to the evolution of planet Earth.


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